An R. Kelly Review, "Trapped in the Closet"


Recently I sat down and took the time to watch all 22 episodes of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet”.  And let me tell you, this was not a waste of time.  This drama takes up to an hour and half to watch, and gives you everything and anything you could hope from R. Kelly including: a plethora of people cheating on each other, two bombshell confessions of coming out of the closet, drugs, a church choir, guns, someone finding out that they are not the father and a midget.  I would also like to point out that R. Kelly’s character is named Sylvester, which is the icing on the cake of this saga.  I thought I would highlight some of my favorite parts of “Trapped in the Closet”, but I strongly encourage you to watch it yourself if you have the time.

Chapter One: "Then he walks back to the room. Right now I'm sweating like hell. Checks under the bed then under the dresser He looks at the closet I pull out my berretta* 
He walks up to the closet He’s close up to the closet Now he’s at the closet Now he’s opening the closet. “

This is how Chapter One ends with the husband of the women that Sylvester has spent the night with.  This is one of the best parts because it gets you hooked, now you know you won’t be able to turn away, you need to finish watching all 22 chapters. The suspense of what’s going to happen next really gets you.


Chapter Five: Chapter Five might have to be my favorite chapter because R. Kelly sensors his music by himself.  As in he makes the beeping noise for swears himself. This is not a joke.


Chapter Six: “Believe it or not. I just started laughing. Shaking my head. And just kept on laughing. Thinking about all the things I had been through that day. Then cries what why do you have that smile upon your face. Then I laughed out said thinking about the things that I've been through. She wipes her nose and she sniggles and laughs out I've been through it too.”

It shows that Sylvester has a good sense of humor, even though he’s threatened to kill two different people, cheated on his wife, and have has wife cheat on him, he can still laugh about it. 

Then, “She laughs I wanna hear it all. Then I laugh and say baby first of all. I got a hangover, been trapped in the closet, slept wit who knows, threatened to kill a pastor. She says what. Baby this is no lie he had a lover turns out to be a gay guy. She says damn you've been through a lot. Plus I gotta ticket.” 

I’m glad that Sylvester tells everything to his wife, now they can have an open and honest relationship. 

Though sometimes it can get confusing at times, if it is well worth it.  All 22 chapters are on YouTube, so if you ever have the time check it out, you won’t be upset.


*Sylvester’s gun 


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