The Pros and Cons to Nipple Piercings

The Cons: I have my nipples pierced and I love having them pierced but sometimes I wish I never got them done at all. First and foremost, getting your nipples pierced is highly painful. As someone with a medium tolerance for pain, I really felt like it was one of the most painful things that I have done. The first one does not really hurt that bad, because you have adrenalin, but by the second piercing your adrenalin has subsided, and the pain is dreadful. The initial pain is nothing compared to the pain that comes for 4-8 hours after having them pierced. It basically feels like there is a blow torch just blowing fire on your chest for what feels like an eternity. Even weeks following getting them pierced, getting intimate with someone is not easy. It takes at least four to five weeks for them to heal and it is not fun when you are trying to get intimate and the piercing gets caught on something. You have to be extra careful for a long time because infections can be common especially because the piercing itself is an open wound. Even a year after getting my nipples pierced, I constantly get them stuck on clothes and other things and it is not pleasant. Lastly, my mom and dad will not be happy if they ever see my piercings and sometimes depending on the shirt I wear, you can easily see them through my shirt. It is not easy to hide them.

The Pros: Although there are many cons to having your nipples pierced, there are a couple of pros. As someone who is very self-conscious about their breasts, my piercings have made me feel more comfortable with them. I don’t feel the need to wear a bra when I go out which is actually very nice. Lastly, not that this is important but from my personal experiences boys really like them.

As discussed, for me, I personally think that the cons outweigh the pros so if you are thinking of getting your nipples pierced you really have to think about all the cons. The good thing about it is if you want to get them and change your mind, you can always take them out.