President-elect of Brazil Ready to Ruin Us All



Everyone who has a brain knows that climate change is real, and that it’s happening now. Many people are trying to save the world from complete and utter disaster. It’s said that in the younger generation's lifetimes, Manhattan and Boston will be completely submerged under water if the world doesn’t take drastic and immediate action. President-elect of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro wants to demolish the Amazon rainforest in order to help the country's economy. There's just one small problem.


Demolishing the Amazon rainforest will practically kill us all. 


Opening the Amazon to mining, farming, and dam building won’t only affect Brazil. It will affect the entire world. The Amazon rainforest with all of its trees and plants is one of the largest areas still remaining on earth that takes in huge amounts of harmful carbon dioxide, and replenishes the air quality with fresh oxygen and carbon in order for plants, humans, and animals to grow and breathe in healthy air. 

If Jair Bolsonaro does in fact allow the rainforest to be cut down, greenhouse gases will have an even more drastic impact on climate change, and will affect the entire world at a substantially greater pace. Plus the problem that thousands of indigenous people and animals will lose their homes and have no where to go. Basically, if the President-elect of Brazil allows the demolishing of the Amazon rainforest, we are all screwed.