Pray for a Snow Day!


As today comes to a close, I am left to wonder if weather even exists here in Southeastern Massachusetts; or even in New England in general. Today we were oh so blessed with a BEAUTIFUL DAY. I mean I left my house wearing shorts today - I was comfortable and not cold to the bone! However tomorrow, we are supposed to get blasted with a winter storm; I’m talking anywhere from 8 to 12 inches. Can someone please explain this to me. It was basically spring today, and tomorrow… we might possibly (and most likely have a snow day. I’m not complaining just questioning Mother Nature. So in lieu of her craziness, I put together a list of things to do when snowed in!


  1. Sleep as late as you can
  2. Go sledding on Donahue - try and grab a cafe tray before it’s too late!!!
  3. Binge watch Netflix with your roomies
  4. Catch up on homework (pshhhhh)
  5. Make a snow igloo
  6. Have a movie marathon with your house
  7. Clean your room and clean out your closet; see if you can declutter and donate any un-wanted clothes!
  8. Make hot chocolate
  9. Make snow angels
  10. Take cute pictures outside and let the whole insta-world know that it snowed


HOWEVER I DO NOT WANT TO JINX THIS SNOW STORM… so i also included some “rituals” to try when you want a snow day; try them if you want to!!


  1. Wear your pajamas inside out
  2. Place a spoon under your pillow
  3. Flush ice cubes down the toilet
  4. Run around a table five times before getting into bed
  5. A snow dance!


I know, they sound a bit ridiculous… but people, you don’t want to risk having to actually go to class tomorrow!!!! BEST OF LUCK SKYHAWKS


xo L