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The Newest Snapchat Emoji

Okay all; we have an exclusive tell-all with the newest addition of the star emoji. Take a glance at all of your friends on snapchat – scroll down that list and notice all those emojis. We have some hearts, stars, flames, an emoji smirking at you, an emoji wearing some sick sunglasses, an emoji smiling at you and an emoji grimacing at you. Now in case you haven’t noticed, Snapchat sneakily added in a new emoji under our noses, (**drum roll**) that gold star. We know you’re wondering the same thing… what does this gold star mean – what kind of amazing power does this sucker hold. After some intensive research and some phone calls, we luckily got down to the bottom of this un-nerving issue. If one of your friends has a gold star next to their name, it means that someone has replayed this person’s snaps within the past 24 hours. SO SIMPLE YET SO AMAZING. It’s almost as if snapchat wants us to snapchat them to see what the heck they’re doing.  

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