Netflix Review: "The Circle: A Social Media Competition"

If you haven't seen the new Netflix series "The Circle", add it to the top of your watch list. Like, right now. 

If you're so far behind that you don't even know what the show is about, listen up. 

"The Circle" is about a group of people living in the same building, but not being able to see each other, or anyone for that matter. It starts off with eight players, they each have their own apartments and remain totally isolated from anyone else for the entirety of the game. The players are all involved in a social media group known as The Circle (hence the name of the show). In The Circle, players can chat privately with one another, or in various groups. They play daily games together, and really start to form bonds. But there's always a lingering question: Are people really who they say they are? 

Going into the game, players can choose whether to be themselves, or someone else. They create profiles complete with pictures, bios, age, and relationship status. Everyone's profile is visible to the other players, and they have to try and figure out who is real and who is not. Every day, a person is "blocked", which means they are eliminated from the game. Some new people are added throughout the game, and by the end of the season they announce a winner (who gets a whopping cash prize of $100,000). 

I really enjoy the MTV show "Catfish" so when I first saw "The Circle" on Netflix I was excited to see what it was like, and how the idea of catfishing was presented. I instantly got hooked on the show, and by the end of the first episode the only thing I wanted to do was watch more. My mom and I ended up binge watching the entire season in two days. The players were entertaining (especially some of the catfishes), and most of them were really funny and likable. Of course, there were also some that were just downright annoying and creepy, but that's what keeps the show interesting right? 

The "blocks" had my mom and I on the edge of our seats, and sometimes we were completely blindsided about who was eliminated. There were some surprises thrown in every now and again to keep the show even more entertaining, and to keep the players on their toes, but I won't spoil them for you. Overall, I was personally really pleased with the top six people, and was happy about who won, but man it was stressful all the way up to the very end. 

I will be severely disappointed if Netflix decides not to film a second go-around. This show is probably the only time where catfishing is acceptable, so who wouldn't want to see more of it? The only question I have is: who will be in "The Circle" this time?