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Ever since my younger brother introduced my to lil wayne as a child I was in love. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not huge into rap music but there is something about lil wayne’s voice that is amazing. His music isn’t even just rap. I find that throughout the years he has released songs for almost every emotion. Here’s an inside scoop!!

1. How To Love. 

This is the best of the best I find. I would even contemplate this as my wedding song. This song speaks to people that simply as he says don’t know how to love. People who are all over the place and simply cannot settle down. My ALL TIME favorite song

2. John

I can remember belting this out with my brother in the back of my sister’s car as a kid. Basically I take this song as when your pissed off and want to be on top of the world and flaunt how much of a “baller” you are. LOL

3. 6 Foot 7 Foot

2 words. Hype Song. If you are a 90s baby and you don’t know half of the words in this song then you are really missing out. This song can change the mood from sad to LFG in 2 seconds. 

4. Drop the World

This is the song that I BLAST every time I get f**ked over by someone. Whether a boy is being a loser or friends or fake this is my go to song. Basically pick the world up and drop it on your head. This song will lift you up so much and realize whoever is not in your life any more than it’s simply their lost. Next time you get screwed over blast this song. 

5. Uproar

A more recent song. This song is one of the top ones to work out to. I swear.

6. What About Me?

This song is on my tear-jerkers playlist. Basically when you’re really falling for someone and they are not feeling it back…listen to this song. 

Welp these are my top favs. Add them to your playlists. Enjoy. 

Marissa Bazzano

Stonehill '20

Student at Stonehill College from Hartford Connecticut.
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