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Lessons Learned from This Season of ‘The Bachelor’

Now that another season of ‘The Bachelor’ is over, it is time to reflect on what we learned from the season Chris Harrison has yet again claimed to be “the most dramatic season ever”…

1. If he doesn’t jump over a fence for you, then he isn’t worth it.

While I couldn’t stand when Chris Harrison mentioned that Colton “vanished into the Portuguese countryside” about thirty times on “The Women Tell All” as if he was a little lost child that forgot his way back home from the playground, the fence jump should really be appreciated for all it is worth. Colton jumped a fence, which he made look quite easy since all of us are certainly not that limber. Most importantly, Colton jumped a fence to declare his dedication for Cassie, which while it is quite dramatic, it certainly got the point across that he was willing to go above and beyond for her. We all need to find the person that is willing to jump the fence for us.


2. You need to know how to make a proper toast. 

Poor Hannah B. got trashed by everyone on Instagram for not knowing how to do a toast, but who actually does? If I was asked to do a toast, I would probably say a few words and then give a little nervous laugh until people got the hint that it was time to take a sip of the drink and put the toast to rest. 


3. If you are going to make an exit, you better look good while you do it.

Elyse sure knew how to make an exit. While the color of the dress may be a little ironic (I mean white may not be the vibe we want to go for), she sure looked good while she left. 


4. Every sis has a secret.

I’ll just leave this here…


5. You have to be yourself

Love her or hate her, Demi was unapologetically herself the entire season. It sure made for some interesting Bachelor tea, but it also showed that you can’t hide who you are. While you might not want to have beef with almost every person in the house, a little bit of tea never killed anyone.


6. When you hide who you are, you can run, but you cannot hide.

Hannah B.’s scary growl made for some good memes, but it also shows that we all have a Hannah Beast inside of us and if we are triggered enough she will come out and attack all sitting by the Bachelor Mansion pool.


7. If you spill tea about sis, sis will INDEED find out.

Caelynn was exposed on “The Women Tell All” and it just proves that if you are going to spill the tea, then you better be prepared for everyone to be filling up their teacup with the same tea from your kettle. 


8. The Bachelor Producers may be working almost as hard as Kris Jenner for good plotlines. 

Honestly the only way to make the ultimate plotline would have been to make Khloe the next Bachelorette. Can you imagine the creative brainstorming that would happen in the writing sessions?


9. You need to be prepared for when the dominoes all fall at once. 

Hannah G. not only caught a random object that came about a centimeter away from her face during the bloopers, but she also came in swinging when Colton dropped the bomb that the whole deal was over. This woman deserves a medal and a loud applause from Bachelor Nation. 


10. It is better to stay in the game a little longer for a better result than to bow out early for pure mediocrity.

Hannah B. simply deserved the role of the next Bachelorette for this moment. A wise woman knows that if you’re not being chosen, then you better take the trash out and find someone who is consistently choosing you. 



Erin Sousa

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