Inhabitable Planets and UFOs...Could This be Real?

When you think deeply about it, this universe is larger than anything the human mind can comprehend. There is no way we are the only living beings in the entire universe and after watching several recent movies and documentaries, I believe that terrestrial life exists somewhere and there are other planets that could be inhabitable for human life. One movie that I have watched recently was the futuristic sci-fi film Interstellar. Not only did I love the movie because I adore Matthew McConaughey, but because of the way it allowed my mind to think, topics I would not have even been able to imagine. Not to mention, the movie takes place in the 2070s and is driven by science and much of what occurs in the movie is scientifically possible. One of these concepts that caused me great reflection was that different galaxies can perceive time differently and gravity can play a role in that. It made me wonder: if humans ever explored a new galaxy, what would time feel like? How long would the days and nights be? How many moons would we see in the sky?

This movie clearly intrigued me, but right after I watched it, I began to hear more about some of the ideas from the film I had just read in the news that scientists have discovered a larger “Earth-like” planet that could potentially save the human race. It connects to Interstellar because their goal is to find the most inhabitable planet to move mankind to because earth is deteriorating. Imagine this happening in our lifetime? It sounds scary, but scientists have found planets similar to earth that are larger in size and would be a better fit for our rapidly growing population and the threat of global climate change.

Technology keeps advancing daily and one day, we might have the tools to transport mankind to another planet, most likely in another galaxy. But for now, all we are left with are clues of life elsewhere in the universe. Several months ago, there was a UFO sighting by the U.S. Air Force however, it was not at the forefront of news coverage with COVID-19 and social justice movements being the biggest focus for Americans. Another film I watched that only heightened my interest in this topic was a documentary called The Phenomenon that recently came out in October. It focused mostly on UFO sightings in the United States, dating back to the 1940s. The documentary exposed the government in their efforts to cover up these sightings over the years despite the quantifiable amount of evidence. It blows my mind that these investigations have been classified and not shared with the public because it reveals that there is something the government knows about UFOs that is important, whether they are a threat to us, or they are sending us a message. Either way, I believe they exist as the universe is so complex and there is so much unknown out there, what we do know is that earth, tiny on a universal scale, may not be the only planet inhabitable for humans or the one with life.