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During my time at Stonehill, the pandemic caused many regulations and restrictions on campus for our safety when coming back to campus. This has caused many students to have low morale on campus. It has also caused students to have smaller friend groups because of COVID-19 dorm rules when we first arrived. Now, Stonehill has lifted mask mandates, allowing students to interact with no masks in the classroom, at sport events, and other extracurricular activities. 

With this, I wanted to give students, especially older students, tips and advice on how to get more involved on campus before their time wraps up at Stonehill. It is never too late to get involved and build more lasting relationships and skills!

  1. Go to a club/activities fair 

At Stonehill, there is a club activities fair once per semester when students get settled in. This is where you will find various activity booths looking to recruit and spread the word about their organization. This is where I learned about Stonehill’s Her Campus Chapter! These fairs are great opportunities to put yourself out there, and to find activities or community service that fit your interests! 

  1. Reach out to your professors 

Many of your professors may know of specific major or minor related organizations that may peak your interests, especially if you want to spend more time with people who are pursuing the same career path as you! For instance, my English professors introduced me to English Society, and this is where I was able to meet with other students who have the same passion for English as I do. Some other professors may also recommend you join a certain organization if it suits what you would like to do as a career. This can help bolster your resumé before you graduate. 

  1. Go to a club outside of your comfort zone with one of your friends 

Sometimes a club that is completely outside of your comfort zone can be a great space to branch out with people who you may not have met otherwise.  Many of the clubs on campus are open to anyone joining, even if it does not go with your specific area of study. Many of these clubs can also build your social and leadership skills that will benefit whatever field or career you pick. 

  1. Join an E-Board for one of your organizations 

If you are looking to gain a leadership role, try asking around to see if any E-Boards for organizations need help. At Stonehill, it is very easy to join a club and see if there could ever be a potential E-Board position to fill. This is because when seniors graduate it causes more E-Board positions to open up. Once you find an organization that you feel passionate and care about, then over time you can fill a larger role in shaping the organization. This is just another great way to get involved on campus. 

  1. Join an intramural sports team

On campus, intramurals are very popular because of the low-stakes that come with it. You can make a team with new or old friends, and make time in your schedule each week for this. It can be a source of self-care and a break from your studies! 

  1. Go to a program on campus 

Many of the clubs and organizations on campus hold special events and programs for students on campus. These can be informational and give you a chance to meet other students on campus. Many of these programs also have incentives like raffles that are a fun treat as well! A lot of students on campus put their time and effort into these programs to put on and to get speakers for the Stonehill community. Going to these programs has become something I look forward to during my week, even if I have a lot of homework or assignments. By setting time aside, it allows for involvement on campus and to meet other students. 

I hope these tips will allow students to find more ways to get involved in campus as the weather gets warmer and the masks come off! 

Marisa Silk

Stonehill '24

Marisa Silk is a junior at Stonehill College studying English and Secondary Education. Marisa is the Stonehill Her Campus Chapter's Senior Editor. Marisa is from Norwood, MA. Her interests include reading, writing, watching tv, and listening to Taylor Swift. After college, Marisa wants to be a high school English teacher, while also writing professionally too. Marisa hopes to share her love of reading, writing, television, and experiences with the rest of Her Campus readers.