How to Rock a Bold Sleeveless Blouse


From the office, to the club or anywhere in between, here are some tips and tricks on how to rock a sleeveless blouse no matter where life may take you!

Office WearMany female employees rock the black, brown or beige pant suit to work. They are also older and more jaded by repetitive years of the same job. Match a bright blouse with a neutral pant or skirt, and blazer or cardigan. You need to accessorize when you wear a statement color, but do so tastefully. This doesn’t mean be bland though. For example, you could flaunt shimmery studs, jeweled watch, and a pendant necklace! I would also suggest that you glam up your purse or shoes. You can contrast the color of the shirt with a colored shoe or a bag that has some glitter.

Club WearFirst thing’s first: shed the blazer. Trade your pencil skirt for a high wasted black skirt so that when you unbutton the bottom buttons and tie the ends together you don’t show any mid-drift. To accessorize, pair the shirt with a big jeweled necklace of a contrasting color! Make the colors pop against each other to grab attention. Wearing stand-out jewelry means you’ll want to keep your shoes and wristlet simple so you don’t overdo it.

Anywhere In BetweenReplace the skirt with a pair of skinny jeans and cuff the bottoms to show off a cute pair of flats (I recommend a metallic shade of a neutral black or gold). Keep the shirt buttoned down or, to make it an accessory in itself, tie a loose knot at the bottom, but not tight enough that it rides up your waist. Skip out on the necklace but wear simple yet dangling earrings. Sling a colorful purse over your shoulder and you’re fashionable enough to go shopping, on a lunch date, or to run into the cute barista at a coffee shop.


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