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Let’s be real; when we’re asked to find our purpose, that can be a pretty overwhelming topic. If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve been told this a handful of times. And don’t get me wrong, it’s 100 percent natural to want to understand your purpose and live a meaningful life. But, along my journey of starting my own business at the start of 2020, I didn’t have to find my purpose – my purpose found me. It all happened organically.

If someone were to tell me that I’d be attending markets, launching my own apparel at other small businesses, or hosting an event on Newbury Street, I could never have imagined such a thing.

I’m not stating these accomplishments to seek praise but to encourage you to explore your creativity without judgment. Because it is what you are most passionate about that will take you places.

Power of Me is the brand I launched at the start of the year and have been putting my heart and soul into since. As a Graphic Design and Marketing double major here at Stonehill, I talk about how design gives me purpose. I use design as a creative outlet to express my struggles with body image and mental health to empower myself and, ultimately, the world around me. Within my brand, I’ve been able to bring together two things I am passionate about – design and raising awareness around eating disorders, to create a meaningful message.

So, I want to ask you to find what fills your cup up? What makes you excited to wake up in the morning? Find that. And, naturally, you will start to feel like you are living a purposeful life.

Corinne Lewis

Stonehill '22

Corinne Lewis is a Senior at Stonehill College and her hometown is Franklin, MA. Her desire to live creatively has led her to pursue her BSBA and BA in Marketing and Graphic Design while running her own business, Power of Me. Corinne loves connecting with her community and utilizes Her Campus to write about her personal experience and values. She finds bliss in sunsets on the beach, sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee, practicing spirituality, and listening to podcasts. Corinne believes that we all have a story to share and hopes to inspire those around her.
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