How to Ball on a Budget

Have you ever thought of a way to live large while balling on a budget. This idea occurred to me while I was in college. For me, I never thought that I would say the phrase “I’m broke,” that is, until I got to college. My entire life I’ve always had nice things, not because I received them but because I worked hard to buy them. The summer of my sophomore year of high school, I took on a babysitting job, 9am-5pm 4 days a week. In addition to this, I would continue to babysit for other families, the money I was making was incredible, it felt awesome to be able to provide for myself. I felt strong and independent knowing that I didn’t have to ask my parents for money. It was also nice to be able to treat myself every now and then. 

            When I got to college, however, I learned that I could not spend the same amount of money without having any form of income. Personally, I knew that I couldn’t give up spending so I decided to get a job at college. Currently I babysit two mornings a week and hostess 2 nights. While it’s definitely not the same as working consistently over the summer, money is money and every amount counts. Working has taught me the importance of saving money and earning what you work for. I believe the way to manage money is to find out what methods works best for you. Here are five of my go to suggestions: 


  1. Know how much money you can spend and stay to it.
  2. Save the little things. One of the methods that works best for me is saving loose change, I hate having change in my wallet so what I do is I put all that change aside in a container and save it until it fills that space.
  3. Work, little jobs add up, while that pay check may not be as high as you want it. Every little bit counts.
  4. Find a job you love, I love babysitting and its easy money so why not making money fun.
  5. TREAT YO SELF!!! Trust me I will always treat myself, whether it be a new eyeshadow pallet or a pair of sneaks it’s important to see what you work for. Sometimes a manicure might even just do the trick!!!