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Holly Cardoza ’15

Hometown: Mattapoisett, MA (Not Massasoit, not Mattapan, not Mattapetesset, and not Mattapotassettesset)

Major: Mediated Communication, Minor: Music

Activities involved with on campus: Administrative Assistant Extraordinaire to the Theatre Company's costume designer, Joan Halpert; member of STC's Student Executive Board; proud member of Girls From the Hill; belting out showtunes in the shower, watching 5+ episodes of The Office per day and watcing videos of Judy Garland on YouTube.

If you could do a duet with any famous singer out there (dead or alive) who would it be?I would choose to sing with Barbra Streisand because she is the best. No questions asked, Babs is the best. But I probably couldn't get through the song because I would be sobbing and they would have to take me back stage several times in order to calm me down.

Explain the importance of utilizing jazz squares in everyday situations.Trust me when I say that jazz squares bring a calming sensation to the psyche. You can use them in ANY stressful situation like studying for an exam, taking an exam and not knowing the answer, waiting for laundry during the final minute in the dryer, waiting in line on Thursdays for a crispy chicken wrap or presenting a project that you did not adequately prepare for. I must say that every time I do a couple of jazz squares during these situations, I immediately calm down and all seems right in the world. The power of the jazz square is life changing.

What is your dream job?My dream job cannot be limited to one job: Broadway Diva/ Opera Singer/ Professional Skateboarder/Professional Dancer/Rock Star/Legend/Queen.

You are cast in a commercial; would you rather be the red head girl from the Wendy's ads or Flo from the Progressive ads?I would choose Flo from the Progressive Ads. I wish I could rock a headband like her and be that peppy all the time. Her passion for insurance is not something you see everyday

You are hosting a dinner party but you can only invite historical figures that are no longer alive. Who are you inviting, why are you inviting them and what will you be serving them for dessert?a.) Judy Garland for obvious reasons. b.) Theodore Roosevelt for obvious reasons. c.) Albus Dumbledore for obvious reasons. I would serve them Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream because there is no other dessert

If you could be cast in any role in theatre, what would it be?Fanny Brice in "Funny Girl" (hint hint Stonehill Theatre Company).

Sum up in one sentence what it is like to work for Joan Halpert (resident costume goddess for the Stonehill Theatre Company)Lots of laughs, emails, food, photocopies, passwords, magazines and keys.

If you could produce any show to be performed on campus, what would it be?Das Barbecu: The Sequel. Duh. And it goes to Broadway. And we all become millionaires. And it wins the Tony. And I can finally make the acceptance speech that I have practiced since childhood.

Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Oprah all come to visit you for the weekend at Stonehill, what would you ladies do over the weekend?Saturday, 9am: First things first, when they get off the plane on Saturday morning, we do a quick barber shop quartet number right there in the airport to attract the press' attention.Saturday, 11am: We come back to Stonehill and get delicious omelets.Saturday 12:30pm: We begin our rehearsal for our concert that night atop Donahue .Saturday 8pm: We begin our concert, opening with a jazzy version of Stonehill's Alma Mater then after 4 hours of belting out songs like "It's All Coming Back to Me Now", "Proud Mary", "The Way We Were", and "Defying Gravity" from Wicked, we end with a Beyonce tribute. Also, fireworks happen throughout the show.Sunday 1:30am: We get flown out to a swanky club in NYC via helicopter that Stonehill has graciously provided.Sunday 6am: We fly back to Easton and end our weekend doing the Stonebridge Challenge. Classic.

Kate McCarthy is  a senior at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts. She is a Communications major and a journalism minor. Although she does not know what she wants to do when she graduates, her dream job is having her own talk show and becoming a one woman sensation, like Oprah. At Stonehill, you can find her  winning championships with her intramural basketball team, swimming laps in O'Hara Pond or reading James Patterson novels in the cafeteria. After a semester studying abroad in the Czech Republic, her main goal in life is to travel the world. She is currently interning in Los Angeles, at the Queen Latifah show.
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