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Highlights of the Grammy’s


If there is a way to open an awards show that beats Beyoncé dancing on a chair with wet hair, I would like to know. Add her husband Jay-Z to the mix and you have one of the best Grammy openings in recent history. Beyoncé and her beau brought the crowd to their feet with their single “Drunk in Love.” Sadly, the night could really only grow worse from there, but that is not to say this Grammys had a dull moment. The night was filled with very impressive performances, some questionable moments, and a rough night for whoever sat behind Taylor Swift.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s performance was not the only great one of the night. The collaborations really worked this year, especially the more unusual pairings like Robin Thicke and Chicago, while rapper Kendrick Lamar’s intensity was matched with indie rockers Imagine Dragons. Another standout had to be when Stevie Wonder joined Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk for “Get Lucky.” Nobody, however, showed more athleticism and grace than Pink, who captivated the crowd with her incredible acrobatic act.

Sadly, Katy Perry’s usual peculiarity did not pay off at this award show when she performed “Dark Horse.”

Lorde’s eccentricity worked more than Perry’s with her slowed down version of “Royals,” which ended up being a strange, but solid performance.

Ringo Starr sang a lovely rendition of “Photograph” and later joined Paul McCartney who performed his pleasant new single “Queenie Eye.”

As for the actual awards, some highlights included Lorde, who only at 17 years old officially become a two-time Grammy winner. Daft Punk and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were also standout winners that night, while Taylor Swift surprisingly went home empty handed.

Best acceptance speech, however, must go to Jay-Z who won for “Holy Grail.” The artist melted hearts across the nation when he thanked the universe for “putting that beautiful light of a young woman in my life” and told us that now Blue Ivy had a new sippy cup as he gestured to his Grammy.

The biggest moment of the night was brought to us by the lovely Queen Latifah who introduced Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who sang “Same Love.” She also casually married 33 couples during the performance with the help of Madonna. It was strange, it was wonderful, and it was poignant. As for this year’s Grammys as a whole, it was pretty unforgettable. I look forward to see how they will top it next year. 


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