HC Stonehill Answers: HALLOWEEN EDITION!

HC Stonehill answers the question:

What is your most memorable Halloween costume from when you were a child?

Erin: Mine is when I dressed up as a cowgirl in first grade. My dad found a cowgirl costume kit for me with a bunch of accessories and I remember I was really excited to bring all of them to a Girl Scout Halloween party I went to. 

Corinne: Mine was when I was in 3rd grade and dressed up as Hannah Montana because I loved watching her show when I was little. I wore the straight blonde wig over my brown curly hair and had the microphone and the whole outfit put together.  

Emma C: My favorite costume was when I was a candy corn witch! I had a little candy corn hat and striped tights! The only sad thing was that the costume was a little flimsy so I was cold for the whole night, but I refused to wear a jacket because it would have hidden my costume.  

Sam: My most memorable Halloween costume from my childhood was from Kindergarten when my twin sister and I both dressed up as brides. We both had little wedding dresses, veils, and tiaras. Everyone at our Kindergarten Halloween Parade thought it was very cute! 

Natalie: My favorite Halloween costume from my childhood was when I dressed up as Snow White and went trick-or-treating with my parents. I remember my parents taking pictures of me in my costume and I felt like a real Disney princess. I still see the pictures of me dressed up in my grandparents' houses and it makes me smile to remember that Halloween.  

Elizabeth: My most memorable costume was when I was a lion in Kindergarten. I remember my mom getting out her brown eyeliner to make the whiskers and to draw on my nose and I thought it was the coolest thing to get to wear makeup for Halloween. I remember being so young and trick or treating with my sister who dressed up as Barney.  

Emma M.: When I was in first or second grade, I dressed up as Strawberry Shortcake. I was so excited that my mom let me pick out a costume from the store and it had the most adorable little hat to go with it. This is one of my favorite memories I have with my mom, and I specifically remember standing in the bathroom with her as she put extra freckles on my face with lipstick and even let me wear a bit on my lips, which I was so excited about. 

Emily: When I was in Kindergarten, I was a “punk rock” girl for Halloween. My mom dyed my hair with this temporary hot pink dye and I wore these black and white striped tights with a sequin shirt. My mom didn’t like buying costumes because she thought it was a waste of money, so this costume was completely homemade! 

Caroline: In first grade, I was Hannah Montana for Halloween, so of course I wore the blonde wig, but I didn’t like how it looked after a while so I took it off, and said I was Miley Cyrus. I remember being obsessed with Hannah Montana at this age, so I knew that had to be my costume for the year.  

Megan: My favorite Halloween costume from my childhood was when I was Juliet from Romeo and Juliet.  I was probably around ten years old, and I had the cutest little blue dress and headband!  

Maya: My favorite costume was from third grade where I dressed up as Supergirl. I loved the red cape and I felt powerful and confident! I think I still have it and I love looking back at the pictures of that Halloween. #girlpower 

Marisa: My favorite Halloween costume was from the first grade when I dressed up as a “Hip-Witch” which was the combination of a hippie and a witch. This costume combined very unique elements for a fun costume to dance around in at the Monster Mash at my elementary school. My Mom put lots of glitter on my face, and I was able to carry a broomstick and wear groovy glasses. All my friends loved my costume so much that I won an Honorable Mention at the Monster Mash.  

Kelly: My favorite Halloween costume was a bumblebee when I was three-years-old. I wasn’t old enough to trick or treat, so there is a picture of me standing by the door in my black and yellow costume handing out candy! 

Olivia: My most memorable costume was when I was a sunflower for my first Halloween! I truly love leaning in towards the light, metaphorically, and staying positive! It was literally foam petals around my infant face but speaks to my personality so much. Add me on ig @olivelillyc to see where the Florida sunshine takes me now. 

Emerson: When I was growing up I was obsessed with the movie The Little Mermaid. One year I dressed up as Ariel, my mom dressed as Ursula, and my dad as Prince Eric. Not only was it very cute, but it was definitely my favorite childhood Halloween costume. 

Rachel: My favorite Halloween costume growing up was my “Sleeping Beauty” costume that I wore when I was 5. I wore it in our kindergarten Halloween parade and felt so pretty because I was wearing a crown!