Halloween Events Currently Open in MA

Now that Fall has officially begun, it is time to delve into the festivities we know and love. Although this season will be undeniably different from what we are used to, due to COVID-19, there is still much to do! I am writing this to inform you of events in Massachusetts still occurring this Fall to ensure a sense of normalcy and fun.

All of the events listed below have made accommodations to deliver a safe experience for all.  




Hanson Haunted Hayride- Framingham, MA

For the month of October, Hanson’s is offering a haunted hayride through their farm on Friday and Saturday nights, 7:00 to 10:00 pm. With over 100 volunteers looking to give you a scare, this is the perfect event if you are prepared for a thrill. Visitors are also able to venture through their corn maze, say hello to the farm animals, and go shopping at the farmers market. 



Ghosts & Gravestones Tour- Boston, MA

This Old Town Trolley Tour exposes the darker history of Boston, exploring its most haunted locations with frightening tales of the past. Some of these locations include Boston’s oldest burial ground, The Omni Parker House (a haunted hotel), and the old stomping grounds of the Boston Strangler. Be sure to check the tour schedule for it differs depending on the month. 



Salem Witch Museum- Salem, MA

The Salem Witch Museum recaps the most enduring yet emotional events of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. The museum offers life size stage sets, figures, and narration to make visitors feel as if they are experiencing the events firsthand. This event allows you to immerse in a riveting period of our history and expand your knowledge. 



Winslow Farm- Norton, MA

Winslow Farm is most noted for their haunted trails that wind through a spooky forest with pop-out scares galore. Attendees are also able to sit by the fire, walk through the stables to visit the animals, and go pumpkin picking. The farm also has an animal sanctuary consisting of over 180 friends to meet!



Davis Farmland & Mega Maze- Sterling, MA

Davis Farmland is open from Thursday to Sunday every week to offer a wide array of fun activities. Some of these activities include ziplining, animal feeding, a ninja warrior course, and paintball. On top of all, Davis Farmland provides a huge corn maze to venture through.



Hicks Family Farm- Charlemont, MA

Hicks Family Farm is enjoyable to visit during the daytime or at night, depending on the experience you are looking for. The farm has a lot to offer, including mazes with scavenger hunt events, food trucks, mini golf, and pumpkin picking. Haunted Weekends at the farm consist of a multitude of frightening characters on the hunt to scare you.