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For students, November is like March for school. There aren’t many breaks until November, which causes students to become stressed with school work and a need for the holiday season to come sooner rather than later. Many of my friends especially have already explained the amount of school work they have, and that November is going to go by so slowly, just like March did. However, with this time before Thanksgiving, students, instead of thinking of how long it will be, should take the time to show kindness and gratitude in the spirit of the holiday giving season. 

By taking the time to reflect on what matters most, the month can contain fulfillment, rather than just focusing on the negatives, such as the long bridge from Halloween to the rest of the holiday season. Everyone of all ages should take the time this month, especially with the pandemic, and thank everyone who has helped them through the last two years. It has been extremely tiring for me, and I know for everyone else as well. Mental health has declined for many people, and through showing everyone a little bit of gratitude and kindness, it may lift everyone’s spirits. 

For me, I will be partaking in sharing thankfulness to my family, friends, teachers, and strangers who need it. A small, positive much needed reminder of human connection. This will help anyone who is feeling emotionally drained to find some strength in other people’s kindness. November should not just be about big Thanksgiving celebrations and football, but should convey a light shining on thankfulness and reflection. Your small acts of kindness could make someone feel less lonely and their life more bearable depending on all the different hard facets of life that everyone deals with during this season and the year we have had. Here are some examples of how you can show gratitude and kindness to those close to you, or strangers you may run into on the street. A month of gratitude is fulfilling for yourself and for others. 

  • Call and text your family members for a conversation about how much you think of them and how thankful you are for their presence in your life. 
  • Reach out to your hometown and college friends to tell them how grateful you are for their friendship. Send them a heartwarming text that will surely make their day, especially if they are feeling stressed about their test or presentation that day. 
  • As you are walking to class, give a stranger a compliment on their stylish outfit, or reach out with a smile and say hi, even if you don’t know them. This elicits a warm connection that can make their day. 
  • Thank your college dining workers, cleaning/sanitation workers, campus police, admissions, and any other college service workers that keep us safe and healthy. 
  • Thank your professors and ask them how they are doing. Professors live stressful lives too. We may feel stress doing their assignments, but they also feel stress having to grade them. 
  • Be grateful for all your possessions, items, and materials that help you throughout the day.
  • Write a list of all the things you are grateful for in a day. Reflect on all the positive things you accomplished. Be grateful for the person who you are! 
  • Share a post of gratitude and love on your social media page to share with all your followers, friends, and loved ones. 
  • Take the time to slowly appreciate the food that allows your body to function, especially when you go home for the holidays when you spend time with your family. 
  • Donate your time volunteering during the season.
  • Donate some old clothes or books to organizations that may need the supplies. This will help others greatly. 
  • Write anonymous thank you notes to people who may need it. It could be people you know or people you don’t know. My favorite thing to do is write a positive, light note on a small piece of paper, and leave it in a book at Barnes & Noble. The next person who picks up the book will be left smiling with a positive note for the rest of their day. 
  • Leave a compliment or nice comment on someone’s social media post. 

I encourage Her Campus readers to add to the list above, and reach out with kindness and love for the month of November. There are so many more things people could do to show their gratitude and to spread kindness. Just remember that everyone goes through it, and that everyone is dealing with something that may not be visible on the surface. Love and kindness go such a long way. Happy November!

Marisa Silk

Stonehill '24

Marisa Silk is a freshman at Stonehill College studying English and Secondary Education. Marisa is from Norwood, MA. Marisa enjoys reading, writing, drinking tea in the afternoon, and going to the beach. After college, Marisa wants to become an English teacher one day and write professionally as well. She will then receive her Master's in English. Marisa hopes to share her love of reading, writing, television, and music with the rest of Her Campus readers.
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