Getting Back into a Productive Routine Post Quarantine – Creative Productivity Hacks to Get You Out of the Slump

There is no doubt that quarantining puts a dent in our daily routines. At this point, we’ve all been there. If you are anyone like me, a procrastinator and a Netflix-oholic, you might’ve found yourself becoming extremely lazy, and disregarding the fact that you still have responsibilities. I’m going to be real with you guys – even before the pandemic hit, I was guilty of doing this. But after watching multiple TikTok videos, reading articles, and finding fun and creative ways to stay on top of my work, I have learned to become more motivated, focused, and improved my productivity skills. So, today I am going to share with you 3 creative productivity hacks to help you get out of the quarantine slump. 


  1. Organize Your Workspace with Notion– Have you ever been so frustrated with the overload of work on your computer that you find yourself with twelve tabs open? You have one for e-mails, one for Word Docs, one for eLearn, and it becomes so unmanageable. Well, I have a solution for you. Notion is a daily organizer app that allows you to organize your workspace in the most aesthetically pleasing way. You can take notes, write on calendars, make to-do lists, and many more without the hassle of keeping several tabs open. It even lets you create a study Spotify playlist, a morning & night routine, and journal tab to manage your free time better. I will link below where you can download aesthetic templates if you’re interested in starting! 
  2. Flora App- If you want a motivational way to avoid looking at your phone, I recommend downloading the Flora app. This semester, this app has become my best friend. It is a virtual gardening app that allows you to set a time limit for however long you want to stay off your phone, so you can stay productive and focus on your work. Once the timer is set, the app will plant a seed, and the plant will grow over time. If you look at your phone at any time before the alarm goes off, Flora will kill the plant, and you will have to start over. Here’s the best part: thanks to Flora users, over 50,000 real trees have been planted, which means you are saving the earth while simultaneously improving your productivity skills :) 
  3. Move Move Move! -  Working out, or even going on a nice walk, has been proven to increase productivity and improve focus. If you want to get creative or have a little fun, share your workout rings with your friends on your apple watch, and have competitions to see who can close all their rings first. If you don’t own an apple watch, another fun alternative is doing a partner work out with a friend. Having someone to work out with always helps me to stay motivated! 


I hope you all find this helpful in getting out of the slump, and I wish you all a very happy and productive week ahead! 


Link to Notion Template: