Get Your Own Car, Fast!

So you’re in college and maybe you didn’t get that dream car for college. Or you want a car, period (join my party). If you want to stop overspending on Uber and have your own car, here’s how to do it in under 6 months with only a part time, minimum wage job!


  1. You have to have money for a down payment, whether you make payments on a car purchase or choose to lease. So, save up a few thousand! Iit really won’t take that long with a part time job at minimum wage, about 4-5 months. This can be enough for a down payment and registration/licensing fees, and insurance and gas money.

  2. Do not let all the upfront costs scare you! Never again in your life will you have so few bills to worry about!

  3. Try to build your credit while you’re working for the down payment + additional costs. This will be essential to how much interest your loan/lease agreement has!

  4. So you have the savings, picked your insurance company, and are finally in the car market! Congrats! But now do your research, you want high mileage and probably American made (like Ford, Chevy, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai). High mileage meaning you have above average mpg, so you spend less on gas. American made so that if/when something does go wrong with your car, even if just a light goes out or it needs an oil change or tire rotation, it is much much cheaper!! Also, check to see what kind of gas your car needs- premium gas costs really add up!!

  5. Shop around and find the best price, this doesn’t have to take more than a few hours.

  6. In 2019 it saddens me to say, but go with an identifying and stereotypical male. The car industry is still very sexist and bringing a guy friend along can actually really help you get the best deal!

  7. Even if you shop around, keep in mind the lowest price can still be too high. Look at what each month’s payment would be and decide if you can really afford that with gas and insurance and your other monthly costs. If not, keep searching for the car that fits your criteria!

  8. Now, before you drive off the lot call that insurance company you decided had the best prices for your car and driving record. If you took any drivers ed classes that can help lower insurance costs, so tell them about those! Also make sure you head to your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) to either transfer a pre-existing license plate into your name (like from your prior car or an extra your family has) or to get one!

I am so proud of you! You’re making it happen! You’re - dare I say- adulting! Now keep gaining independence !