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Get Ready for the Snow

 Someone must have made Elsa mad because winter storm Juno is coming for Stonehill tonight and we hope you’re all prepared! We have had a history of storms in the past years and as I remember, they can be a lot of fun! Although we may have to trek through over 2 feet of snow to get to the caf, make a day out of it and enjoy some free time with your friends. Here are some activities that are perfect for snowstorm Juno.


1.     Find some friends and watch all the potentially good movies you can find on Netflix that you never had time to watch before.

2.     Make hot chocolate and warm chocolate cookies… (or heat up your Chips Ahoy in the microwave)

3.     Play some board games! Someone in your dorm must have brought some back to school

4.     Play cards! Show off your poker skills to all your buddies

5.     Do your homework. There must have been one assignment you forgot to do with all the snow excitement.

6.     Go sledding on Donohue

7.     Make a snowfort and chill in it

8.     Build a snowman! None of us are too old for some old fashioned snowmen building

9.     Have a snowball fight

10. Meet new people! If you’re stuck in your dorm you may as well meet the other residents that you don’t know yet!




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