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A Generation of Change

A Generation of Change

I am currently writing this article in the midst of the 2020 election. The presidential race is close, and as each state counts its votes, the country is waiting for answers. My computer all day has been split into two screens, one with zoom classes or homework, and the other with the election. This has caused some stress, but what keeps me watching is that our generation is so close to making the changes we have been working so hard for. This was my first-time voting, and it was a really cool experience to open an envelope addressed to me with a ballot inside. Having the piece of paper in my hand was a surreal moment, especially in an election like this. 2020 has been a crazy year, we all know that. This generation is living through events that will be in history for a long time, and it is a lot to take in. I personally was not involved or educated in politics for most of high school. I knew what I believed in, but I did not look into any policies. Coming to college has made me realize that I have too much power as a young person to ignore what is going on. I am really proud of myself for making progress and being invested this past couple of hours, keeping up with the results, and learning more about our democracy.


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   Recently on Stonehill’s campus, there has been a lot of call for action from the students to the administration. With events happening at our college against diversity and inclusion, the student-led group SIA (Students in Action) decided to have a sit in a few weeks ago to address the issues and come together as a community. I left class early to attend and I also skipped my second class of the day to sit in solidarity and listen to speakers from both the student body and faculty. It was so empowering to engage in conversation and hear about experiences people have had here at Stonehill. People I knew from class, professors I currently have, and my friends all participated and showed their support for the communities being affected. After that event, I felt motivated, and I still do. Now is the time for the younger generation to take control of their futures and educate themselves on issues present in our world. That being said, do what is best for you and your political voice. If that means posting on social media, great. If that means reading articles and asking questions, even better. No matter how you are showing your activism, it matters, and it will continue to matter at our college and in our society. I think the people I surround myself with all have the same ideas and want to make a change in this country too. For racial equality, the LGBTQ+ community, and climate change. My relationships with my friends and family have pushed me to be a better advocate and a better person overall.


Climate Change protest
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I hope that during this time, everybody can stay safe and stay grounded. It is important to figure out what you need to do when results come out. Taking time for mental health is crucial and this election combined with being a full-time college student can be a lot. We are the generation that is changing the world and making things happen. Don’t forget that what you are doing can make a difference and even in our small communities such as Stonehill, our voices are the change.

Justine Long

Stonehill '22

Hi! My name is Justine Long and I am a junior Mediated Communications major, Journalism minor at Stonehill College! I am from Chelmsford, MA, and love to write, dance, and listen to One Direction and Taylor Swift (of course). I hopefully want to write or edit for a magazine/newspaper after college, which is why I joined Her Campus!
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