Fun Fall Activities to do Today!

The autumn equinox is upon us people. Time to dust off those leggings, UGGS and Northfaces and get ready for the miserable, long and cold Massachusetts winter ahead of us. However before we do that, we have a couple more weeks of brisk weather, which is absolutely perfect for some fall time activity. Here’s a list of fun fall activities that you and your gal pals can participate in to get in the proper fall mood.

1.     Pumpkin Picking and then carve them if you’re feeling risky.

2.     Go apple picking; just don’t get stung by the yellow jackets!

3.     Attempt to do a corn maze and hope that you don’t get stuck in the middle of one.

4.     Drink apple cider and then eat apple cider donuts.

5.     Pet a goat or something – when I think of fall, I think of goats. I don’t know why… I just do, seems appropriate. 

6.     Ride on a tractor with some hay on the back. Or just a tractor. Whatever you’re feeling really. I won’t judge.

7.     Visit a haunted house if you dare.

8.     Walk through a spooky walk – or run; whatever you prefer. I usually am running and screaming through these suckers.

9.     Plan your Halloween costume(s).

10. Find a nature walk and observe some wonderful fall foliage – New England’s finest views are right now ladies, stack up on your instagrams!

11. Decorate your common room or dorm room.

12. Drink pumpkin spice (lattes, hot chocolate… or whatever else you can put this in).

13. Eat anything and everything pumpkin flavored.

Okay people, time to spend the next couple of weeks outside because before we know it… it will be WINTER!