Free Spring Break

It’s cold, icy, and snowing but all I want is to be on spring break already. Dreaming of vacations, but broke? Here’s how to make the most of your spring break and travel for free or cheap! All of these options are insta- worthy and some also offer you resume- worthy experience.


Destination: Most places WORLDWIDE!

Though you will still need to pay for your airline fees, hotel and experience costs are free in exchange for some volunteer work that can even boost your resume!  

Destination: Tropical (And other cruise line destinations)!!

Most well known cruise lines seek employees as what is often referred to as ‘Seasonal Cruise Line Employment’. This includes summer, winter, and spring break options! You can literally travel, sleep, and eat for free plus getting paid! All you need to do is get to port and not sleep all day (which is a waste when you’re traveling to some of the most gorgeous destinations!!)


Destination: Anywhere continental!

Get some friends and a car and take a road trip! Even just a couple hours of driving can take you into an entirely different state! Food, gas, and hotel costs will decrease with the more people you bring, so the more the better.


Destination: A nation you have legal descent from!

Birthright programs, also known as diaspora youth programs, are open to 18-26 year olds. They often come with airfare included in an effort to help youth visit the origins of their cultural heritage and take interest in their heritage. In exchange, some programs require youth to complete 2 months interning or volunteering in that country, which will help your resume!