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Pop warrior Kesha Rose Sebert aka Ke$ha has been riding low for the past three years. In the past months she has come out about why she has been so quiet. Her reason is heartbreaking. Her producer and recorder, Dr. Luke – Lukasz Gottwald, has allegedly abused her. This abuse ranged from sexual assault, emotional abuse and physical abuse. She claims that he was the reason for her eating disorder, he forced her to take drugs and raped her. In 2014 Kesha finally stood up for herself and filed a lawsuit against her producer. While this lawsuit is being settled, Kesha refuses to make any music for this man or do anything that would make him profit. She is locked in contract with him.  She will not produce any music and will not go on tour. With the lawsuit that she filed, Dr. Luke filed one counter-suing her stating that her claims are false and that there is no evidence proving them.

It all started during her Get Sleazy tour in 2011. Kesha states that one night Dr. Luke gave her “sober pills” in order to make her feel better after a night out and brings her back to his room. It was later noted that these “sober pills” were actually a form of gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) which is a common date-rape drug. She woke up the next afternoon with no clothes on, sore and sick and not being able to recollect how she got into his hotel room. She later calls her mother and tells her what happened. It wasn’t long until Dr. Luke found that Kesha was beginning to piece everything together. To maintain his power over her he threatened to destroy the lives of Kesha and her family. She felt threatened and unsafe in the environment she was in but couldn’t do anything about it; she wanted to pursue her music career and write her own music.

            It saddens me that she is in this horrible situation, especially since Kesha has given her limbs to society (figuratively) to bring awareness to important issues. Most of her songs are relevant to depressed teenagers or people facing abuse. Her songs were and still give people the power and strength to stand up for themselves. I find it a little ironic how when Kesha needs the strength and the support in her hardest times that we, as a society can’t stand behind her. That we can’t stand behind a victim of abuse who is speaking up for herself. That a record company is blaming her for being the victim.

            We are all anxiously awaiting the verdict of Kesha’s latest trial. So stay strong Kesha, we are all rooting for you and can’t wait to hear your beautiful voice over the radio again! 

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