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The Fall season is something I look forward to every single year. The crisp air, colorful leaves, and smell of apple cider puts me in such a good mood. As much as I love the summer, I always am looking forward to the fall season, especially in New England. Here are some ways to get in the Fall spirit: 

Go Look At the Foliage

Whether it is just walking around campus, going for a hike, or taking a drive, going somewhere with scenic foliage can get you in the fall mood. Hearing the crunch of the leaves automatically can put you in the fall mood. Listening to some Taylor Swift while walking through the leaves can create the perfect fall scene.  Not to mention it can lead to some good Instagram pictures. 

Get a Fall Drink or Snack

Both Dunkin’ and Starbucks have had their fall drinks out for a while and going out and ordering one is an easy way to get in a fall mood. Apple Cider and apple cider donuts are always delicious especially eating them after apple picking. Once it gets colder, hot chocolate is one of my favorite drinks to make it feel like fall and create all the cozy vibes. 

Look at the Fall Fashion

I love to see all the new fall trends that are going to be popular for the season. Going into TJ Maxx or any clothing store and seeing all the fall-colored sweaters automatically makes me excited for fall. Of course, I also usually have to buy something. It is always interesting to see what stays in style for multiple years in a row, and what style completely takes over the fall fashion season. 

Find Local Fall Activities

In New England, there is always somewhere local to go for fall activities. Apple picking can be fun or going to pick out pumpkins with your friends. Last year, my friends and I picked out pumpkins then painted them which also provided decoration for our rooms. It can be a fun way to get off campus, and spend time with your friends, while also having something to bring back. 

Decorate your room/suite

My favorite way to do this is going to the Target dollar spot because you can find cute decorations for such a low price. They have fun garlands, or colorful pumpkins that can add a fall flare to your dorm room. There are so many little ways to make your dorm room feel more festive which can make it feel more homey in the long run. 

Caroline Bunnell

Stonehill '24

Caroline Bunnell is a sophomore from Stow, MA. She is a communication major and plans to have a minor in journalism. She loves spending time with her family, writing, watching sports, especially the Red Sox. She hopes to have a career in the sports industry, either as a writer or working in public relations.
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