Finding Your Summer Plans

With less than 2 months left of school, it can be hard to stay focused on our current work, and that’s OK! Use some downtime watching your fav shows to also plan out your summer. Will you work, tackle an internship, or work on a personal project? As one of the four summers you will have with the most opportunities, a little bit of planning can help you stand out from the post-grad crowd.



Now that you’re out of High School, it’s important everything you devote work time to counts towards your goals. Make sure each job you work lines up with your end goals and will be a relevant experience for that job. For example, if you want to work in hospitality, try to get a low-level job at a hotel. If you want to work in communications, aim for work at a PR firm.



During summer might be the perfect time to get an internship. Most colleges require you to have one before you graduate and this is the only time during the school year when unpaid internships can work best! Keep in mind that your most prestigious internships still might be unpaid, but could help your resume a lot! You’re choosing this for experience and pay down the road, not now.


Personal Projects:

If you find yourself intrigued with many passions, summer can be a great time to explore them more in- depth. This is especially helpful if your major is undeclared or if you’re considering switching it! Many jobs allow shadowing, especially medical jobs, or have tours, such a government jobs. If you already have your career mapped out, but have other passions in life, summer can offer you the time you need to get started! Whether it be finally starting a photography Instagram or spending a summer abroad, you can definitely have impactful life experiences outside of the school year.