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woods cabin bedroom getaway
woods cabin bedroom getaway
Original photo by Maddie Savage

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Feeling in a funk? Yeah, me too. It’s pretty normal during this time of year when the holidays are over, the hype of the new year wears, and you kinda just feel blah.

A couple of weeks ago when I was feeling really down one of my best friends and I booked a little getaway in nature that was very much needed.

It’s stupid because these types of getaway cabins are always seen as being something you have to do with your significant other. I’ve always wanted to do one and being single, I didn’t feel like waiting any longer.

So, my best friend and I decided to just book it and get away and out of our heads because who cares?! There aren’t any rules about needing a boyfriend to go. Plus, it honestly was really inexpensive and worth every penny.

That being said, sometimes you need to plan things to look forward to when you’re feeling down. I’m not saying to rely on anything materialistic to make you happy, because I’m a full believer that can only come from within. But in times when you’re feeling down, a little pick me up can help.

I was able to listen to one of my new favorite songs Put Me in The Ground by Daniel Nunnelee and one of his amazing playlists filled with folk and indie music. If that’s your taste, it’s worth a listen. (I’ll link it here)

We made a charcuterie board, drank wine, laughed, and the best part was we were able to get away from all the noise in our heads and be in nature. With Galantine’s day coming up, grab a bestie and go on a little adventure! Who knows, maybe it’ll lift your spirits.

Corinne Lewis

Stonehill '22

Corinne Lewis is a Senior at Stonehill College and her hometown is Franklin, MA. Her desire to live creatively has led her to pursue her BSBA and BA in Marketing and Graphic Design while running her own business, Power of Me. Corinne loves connecting with her community and utilizes Her Campus to write about her personal experience and values. She finds bliss in sunsets on the beach, sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee, practicing spirituality, and listening to podcasts. Corinne believes that we all have a story to share and hopes to inspire those around her.
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