Eating Healthy During the Holidays

  • Avoid skipping meals: If you can keep your blood sugar levels and appetite stable throughout the day, you’ll be better positioned to make appropriate choices when offered sugary and processed foods. Try eating some healthy food options like fruits and veggies to help fill you up so you don’t go to a holiday event hungry.
  • Stay hydrated: Being hydrated curbs sugar cravings and often prevents overeating. If you notice a craving for junk food use that feeling as a trigger to first drink a full glass of water. Then, re-assess your craving before indulging in the treat.​
  • Fill up on whole food first: When you attend a holiday party try filling your plate with nourishing foods first like veggies and whole grains. If you are still hungry later, then go back for those indulgent choices.
  • Choose smaller portions: Especially during the holidays, remember that you’ll have more opportunities to eat festive snacks and desserts. You don’t have to deprive yourself, just decrease the size of your portions.
  • Bring your own dish: Be prepared for social parties by bringing your own healthy treats or sides. Then, you’ll know there is at least one nutrient-rich option to choose from.