The Dos and Don'ts of Freshman Year

With only a few months until my freshman year is over (wow), I thought I would reflect back on the year and create a dos and don'ts for the next group of freshman starting college in the fall. So here we go! 

Don't be afraid to switch rooms! I went random for my roommate, and while she was super nice and we got along fine, we had different habits. She enjoyed staying out later and having people over, while I liked to go to bed around ten or eleven and didn't enjoy having other people in the room. I was nervous about switching rooms, but the process was much easier than I had expected, and I moved in with a friend who had a much more similar routine to mine. I was worried about hurting my original roommates feelings, but when I told her I was moving out and explained why she was totally understanding! Don't be afraid to do something that's going to benefit you! 

Don't be embarrased if you call home a lot. Call home as much as you need to! The first two weeks I was away from home were probably the hardest two weeks of my life. I was constantly texting my parents and called them every single night. My best advice I can give is no matter how bad you want to go home, stick it out for the first two weeks, I promise it will get better. There was one night where I almost got in my car at two in the morning and drove home, but I knew that if I did I probably wouldn't come back. So tough it out. It may be hard, but after a week or two you will be totally fine. 

Do try out for sports or join clubs! I was very on the fence about trying out for sports teams and joining clubs, but I am so happy that I did both. Clubs and teams are a great way to get to know people, and to keep you busy! If you're worried about your workload and don't want to be committed to a team, join a club team, less pressure, but still the same amount of fun! Either way, put yourself out there! 

Don't worry about the professors. I know in high school the teachers were always telling you how strict and mean college professors are, but it's really not true. While some professors are certainly more strict than others, most of them are super kind and understanding. Don't be afraid to ask questions or email them if you need help. They understand that this is all new to you, and most of them are more than willing to help you in any way that they can. 

Do take breaks. There is a lot more work in college than there is in high school so try not to overwork yourself! At the beginning of the year I was constantly working to the point where I was never fully into any of the work I was doing. Now, I take short breaks when I need to, and my work has improved. Breaks can be simple things like going for a walk, going to get food, or listening to music, but they can also be longer breaks like hanging out with friends, or taking a nap. Just make sure you're balancing your work and your breaks properly. 

Do whatever is best for YOU. Don't feel pressured to go to that party because your new friends are and you don't want to seem like you aren't any fun. If you have to study for that French exam, tell your friends you can't hangout. At the end of the day, you aren't here to please your friends, you're here to get an education for yourself. If they really are your friends, they'll understand that you can't hang out all the time. I'm not saying to never have fun, but I am saying to put yourself and your education first.


College is what you make of it! And if all four years go by as fast as this one did, enjoy it while it lasts!