Dating in the 21st Century

Alright, ladies, I think we can all agree that the dating lives our parents, grandparents, everyone that is older than us talks about is simply dead in this generation. I can honestly say I do not remember the last time someone I knew went on a date. We live in a world where the only way we communicate with each other is through Snapchat, tagging each other on Instagram, or anything else social media. It’s a generation of hook-ups, leaving each other on “read”, playing mind games, only texting after midnight to say “you up?” or “wanna hang” and a constant competition on how many boys/girls we can talk to at once. I'm not saying this is always a bad thing because sometimes we do just need that fix or want a fling and nothing serious. But, now that I have assessed mostly every relationship in our society, here is a list of every past relationship that we are all so very jealous of.


  1. Rose and Jack--Titanic
  2. Baby and Johnny—Dirty Dancing
  3. Allie and Noah—The Notebook
  4. Sandy and Danny—Grease
  5. Jacob and Hannah—Crazy, Stupid, Love
  6. Anna and Christian—Fifty Shades of Gray
  7. Ronnie and Will—The Last Song
  8. Chuck and Blair—Gossip Girl
  9. Jade and David—Endless Love
  10. Elena and Damon—The Vampire Diaries

I think we can all learn something from these power couples, both boys and girls.