Cute and Fun Costume Ideas for Halloween 2k18!

* Be a character from one of your favorite movies, books, or TV shows.

* Get spooky and dress as mummy or vampire - these costumes are fun because you can get creative with your face makeup.

* Dress up with a friend or a group of friends and be the Ghost Buster gang or be the peanut butter to someone else's jelly.

* Impersonate a trendy celebrity.

* Be an emoji😁

* Think of one your favorite food items and dress as that.

* If you feel like getting very dolled up be the bachelorette and see if you catch any bachelors on your night excursion.

* Dress as an animal. Not only could you be a regular bee but you could be the queen bee. Or if you have fun plans for Halloween night you could be a party animal!

* Pick a profession and dress like that. Ex. Doctor, pilot, cop, and so many more!