Courtney Walsh '18

Drummmmmm Rolllllllllllll !!!!! This week’s campus cutie has been revealed and it’s the one, the only… the Courtney Walsh. That’s right folks we have the inside details on this cutie. She may be #2 on the Women’s Basketball team, but she is most definitely #1 in our hearts ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


The Basics

Name: Courtney Walsh

Age: 19

Hometown: Windham, New Hampshire

Year: 2018

Nickname: Court, C-Money, Walshie

Major/Minor: Biology


The Essentials


LS: What’s your favorite meal at the café?

CW: The Chicken Caesar Salad (as she is munching on it during our interview)


BD: Where is your go-to place on campus?

CW: Library or Merkert


LS: What is your dream job?

CW: Dentist and eventually a stay at home mom, hopefully by the time I am 35.


BD: What position do you play in basketball?

CW: Shooting guard


LS: If you could have one superpower – what would it be?

CW: I would like to be able to transport myself anywhere I wanted at any time


Getting Personal


BD: Are you a good dancer – what’s the go-to move?

CW: Nooooooooo, no. Well maybe when I have a few drinks in me… But I would have to say that my go to move would definitely be the grocery shopper.


BD: On a scale of 1-10 how annoying is your roommate, and teammate, Kate Ross?

CW: 10 for annoying but a 10 for funny so it evens out


LS: What’s something that not a lot of people know about you?

CW: Ummm, I personally lost my middle school’s three year winning streak within the first inning – it was my first time pitching.


LS: We noticed that you like to share lots of cute dog videos – do you have a favorite?

CW: hahaha the two-legged puppy that has no front paws!! It’s so cute!


LS: What would be your ideal date? (*pay attention boys*)

CW:  My ideal date would have to be us eating candy on a hot air balloon while my date is serenading me with his triangle while also throwing a football back and forth (gotta make sure he is athletic).


Fast Facts

BD: Favorite word?

CW: Christmas


BD: What is your most played song on your IPod?

CW: Love Yourself by JBiebs


LS: Favorite Color?

CW: Blue


BD: Who is your Celeb Crush?

CW: Ben H. from the Bachelor


LS: Biggest pet peeve?

CW: When people are rude.


If you want to see this campus cutie in action, check out some of their next home games!!


November 29th @ 1pm v. LIU Post

December 2nd @ 5:30 pm v. Franklin Pierce University

December 5th @ 1:30pm v. Saint Michael’s College

December 30th @ 6pm v. Bloomfield College