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College Fashion Week Boston: A Recap

This weekend Stonehill’s HerCampus team shipped up to Boston to attend College Fashion Week Boston. This was our first HerCampus event as a group and it was such a success. We arrived rather early in hopes of getting our hands on some free swag. Once we were let in, we met so many amazing women from other HerCampus chapters in the Boston area, got to talk to some higher up HerCampus members and found our way to the free goodies.

The event was held in a warehouse-like building attached to the Revere Hotel called Space 57. It was funky, modern and all around the perfect spot to hold a college fashion show. Many of our Stonehill team members took advantage of the sponsor tables that were set up among the space. Free custard from Shake Shack, a photobooth for Simon Malls, some eyebrow contouring by European Wax Center and so much more! Here are some pictures of our team at the event and some of the fashion looks they displayed at the show. 


So many awesome looks! We LOVE Fringe and Suede!!


Don’t want it, NEED it


Perfect for FALL! 

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