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Christmas List Necessities

Too early to make a Christmas list? Most definitely not. 

If you’re somewhat similar to me maybe you have been adding on to a ongoing Christmas list in your notes page since the summer. Whether its a pair of sneakers I’ve been dying to have or some new nike dry fit socks I seem to always be losing, I write everything down. Solely because my lack of short term memory gets the best of me.

So if you find yourself question the beloved items you should put on your Christmas list, here are some ideas…


S N E A K E R S 

  • Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage 
  • Nike Air Max 270 

Both of these sneakers are super trendy right now, are amazing in white, and are super comfortable.



  • Graphic T’s are the look these days, especially paired with some biker shorts or baggy jeans with a turtleneck underneath! You can find great ones at Urban Outfitters, or to get more bang for your buck, Rue 21 and Forever 21 have great ones too!
  • Cropped cardigans are perfect to pair with high waisted jeans, whether its for a nice casual day with the fam or a night out with friends (just lose a few of the buttons).
  • Workout tank tops. Word of advice before buying a 50 dollar workout tank from Lulu Lemon, check out Amazon, they have amazing, comfortable basic tanks for 15 dollars.. I want them in every color.
  • Neutral colored zip up hoodies ~ don’t bother leaving the Amazon site before throwing one of these on your wish list. Very cheap and very useful. The neutral colored zip ups go with anything and are very comfortable especially for the chilly season.


R A N D O M 

  • Disposable cameras ~ no explanation needed for how iconic these pics are
  • Blue light glasses. After months on end of staring at my phone and computer screen between quarantine and online glasses my prescription did indeed go up and therefore I am forcing myself to get these, I’ve only heard good reviews plus you can get them as cheap as 15 dollars.
  • Socks. Socks. Socks. Socks. Every year I get socks for Christmas and yet by the next year I’m down to two pairs. I swear my socks runaway, I’m not the only one right?
  • Perfume!!! Because who doesn’t love to smell good.


Hope I was able to give you some suggestions! And Merry Christmas by the way, because we all know the Christmas season started the second we woke up on November 1st :)

Kendall Fressle

Stonehill '22

Health Science Major Stonehill College Lacrosse #7
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