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Campuses Cutest Roomies- Erika and Amanda!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Stonehill chapter.

Good afternoon Skyhawks! We hope you’re enjoying your break. We would like to introduce to you our very first  “Campuses Cutest Roomies” article with this perfect pair! Erika Isner and Amanda DePasquale! We couldn’t think of a better two to debut our first article! These two are the ultimate roommates, both captains of their sports teams, lacrosse and tennis, frequent Honor Roll receipents, and overall two beautiful people! We are blessed to know them and here is your chance to too! 


E: Farmington, CT

A: Londonderry, NH


E: Communication & Psychology

A: Neuroscience

Any plans after your graduate: 

E: Will be working as a Marketing Associate for WB Mason in Brockton!

A: Working in research, eventually graduate school 

Favorite thing about Stonehill: 

E: THE PEOPLE  (& sclax)

A: My Orleans housemates!! [She’s right! An amazing group of people]

Favorite meal at the caf: 

E: Chocolate soft serve w chocolate sprinkles

A: Chicken tenders 

Go to song to sing in the shower:  

E: Castle on the Hill

A: Any song that comes on my phone

Favorite quote or saying:

E: “Phipps is trash (:” 

A: “Phipps is trash :)” 

[Sorry Phipps….kinda]

Secret talent:

E: I love to clean dishes? That’s not rly a talent [You hear that boys……wife material]

A: Limbo (come to Orleans Saturday night to try to beat me…  you can’t) 

Something everyone knows about you: 

E: I love Dave Matthews Band & Chocolate 

A: Slight obsession w chris brown music and pandas [If you haven’t heard Amanda sing you’re truly missing out, check out her IG!]

Most embarrassing thing you’ve witnessed your roommate do: 

E: Whenever she walks around campus with me she screams the lyrics to “Starving” it’s wicked embarrassing

A: Fall face first off her bed

Favorite memory with each other:

E: One of our first fall weekends of Junior Year (when we first started rooming together) we got ice cream and walked around campus all day and it was the best day ever

A: Crying laughing about questionable decisions we have made

Favorite thing about each other:

E: We tend to give each other the best advice, we both overthink a lot of things and know how to give each other a necessary reality check [I told you they’re the best roomies]

A: Too many to list, but her endless support no matter what time of day or how busy she is, she always is there!

One thing you are going to miss about rooming with each other:

E: Late night pillow talks In Orleans 6 :(

A: Not waking up to my best friend every day!

[Cue the water works…]


We are seriously going to miss these two next year….We wish them the best of luck with all their endeavors and predict very bright futures ahead of them :) 

Julia Spugnardi

Stonehill '18