Campus Cutie- Jenn Wheaton!

Ladies and Skyhawks, it is of my utmost pleasure to introduce to you possibly Stonehill’s most unsung hero of all time: Jenn Wheaton. For those of you unfortunate enough not to have met Jenn yet, just imagine meeting a cross between Cinderella, Belle, and the fairy Godmother all wrapped up into one extremely smart, extremely adorable package. Jenn is a freshman lacrosse AND soccer stud who will most likely own us all someday (her IQ is higher than we know how to count to). Without further ado, meet the cutie herself!

Name: Jenn Wheaton

Year: 2020

Major(s): Computer Science and Math

Hometown: Dartmouth, MA

Nickname(s): Jenny, Wheatie


What is your favorite thing about Stonehill?

The people and sense of community. From my teammates, to peers to professors, everyone is just so nice!


What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

I can walk on stilts and ride a unicycle.


If you could be an animal for a day what would you be?

A monkey!


Favorite lacrosse moment (so far)?

Spending spring break down in Florida with my team.


Favorite soccer moment?

Winning the NE10 Championship this past season.


What’s your favorite study spot?

The Library


If you won the lottery tomorrow, where would you travel to first?



How did you find Stonehill?

My sister Amy came here and played soccer. So I always came to the sports camps in the summer and love following in her footsteps.


What is something you wish you knew how to do?

I wish I was good at singing. 


Do you and Taylor have telepathy? Like, if Tay gets hurts, do you feel pain too?

Hahahaha no we don’t. But we both sprained our ankles at the same time – I don’t know of that counts though.


What is your favorite song to sing in the shower?

I don’t sing in the shower – I am so bad at singing!


If you could have any superpower which would you pick?

Mind reading


Favorite movie: Pitch Perfect

Favorite book: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Favorite pump-up song: “Lips of an Angel” and the Pitch Perfect finale song – depends what season I am in. Or “Jenny from the Block”.

Favorite meal at the café: A breakfast sandwich

Favorite Netflix show: Gilmore Girls

Favorite snack: Peanut butter dark chocolate kind bars