Campus Cutie - George Gomes!!!!

Ladies and Gentlehawks, please put your wings together for the cutest cutie on campus, George Gomes!!!! If you’re looking for a friend or maybe a date George is the guy for you!!


Major: Communications

Favorite Color: Blue

Ideal Family: 3 kids,  2 dogs

Favorite Meal at the Caf: Crispy Chicken Wrap Thursday, a weekly holiday.

Favorite song to sing in the shower: These Days – Mike Stud

Go to date spot - Hill or Commons?  Hill, Yeah.

What is a deal maker for you? If she knows at least 3 drake songs

Deal breaker? If you like the song “Timber” 

 – Follow up question – What wouldn’t you do for a Klondike Bar? Listen to Timber.

Whats the best day to be a Skyhawk? Every day that ends with a Y 


So ladies, if you want to plan a casual run in with George, you can find him at the gym or Phipps B, downstairs to the left. If you’re really looking to impress, show up with some Hot Honey Tenders from the Hill and he will be all yours. 

If you're tryna get cute snaps like this 

add him on snapchat @georgegomes


So one last question, do you eva know? Neva.