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Campus Cutie – Belle Kenny!!

Your next weekly installment of Campus Cutie is finally here and I have never been more excited to announce this weeks!!! Here she is Stonehill …. **drumroll** …. the ONE, the ONLY, BELLE KENNY! Belle is an active member of the Stonehill Women’s Lacrosse team & Surround Sound. So without further delay, here is our interview with this cutie(:

Major: Graphic Design (Entrepreneurship/Studio Art double minor)

Hometown: East Lyme, CT

Celeb crush: Dave Franco

Favorite meal at the caf: Brunchhh

Song to sing in the shower: Take a Bow- Rihanna 


What sparked your interest in photography: I’ve always been into art and as I started transitioning into doing more graphic design I realized photography would be a huge asset for me to have in addition to that. So my parents got me my first dslr as my high school graduation gift and I just started self teaching from then on.

How did you get involved with Surround Sound: I had been in choir and acapella groups in high school and I didn’t want to lose all that when I came to college so I figured it would be a great way for me to keep singing. I actually auditioned my freshman year and didn’t make it so it was super exciting when I was able to join this year. 

Who is your favorite lacrosse teammate: This is such a hard one because I love them all to death, but I’d have to go with Keekerz aka Kiki Ryan. Keek went to high school with me and we’ve been playing together for years so it’s really great to have her as a teammate again. 

Would you rather pass a kidney stone or not have finger nails?: I guess I’d take the temporary option and pass a kidney stone..

If you could be a rapper for a day who would it be?: Kanye West 100%

If you could have a lunch date with anyone dead or alive who would it be?: I think having lunch with Barack Obama would be pretty sweet. He definitely seems like a homie. 

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