Campus Celebrity Meg Taylor '18

Around finals week, we all become a little better at procrastinating. For us, we personally like to count the amount of lights per string in the quiet café, look though all the photos in my phone or go on a cleaning spree. While we all know we should be studying for my three finals or deciding if we want to go abroad or not, however, we choose not to. Anyways, some people are better at procrastinating then others and this week’s campus celebrity is someone who has procrastinating down to be the very best. So, without further a do, we present to you, the one and only Megan Taylor, the “pro-procrastinator” herself.


L: MEG! HI! What’s your major?

M: Marketing


L: Oh, beautiful – how is that going for you?

M: It’s going pretty well, except for this paper that I am trying to write right now.


L: Would you say that you’re procrastinating your paper?

M: Of course!


L: How are you procrastinating?

M: Ummm, well yesterday I looked up tutorials on how to play the piano for about 5 hours.

L: Oh wow! Do you play the piano? Do you have a piano at home?

M: I do not; I am also looking how to purchase one. I might have to drop down to a keyboard if necessary.


L: Where is your favorite place to “do” homework?

M: Probably the third floor of the library, where I can talk to everyone and not actually do any homework. Wait I mean – the first floor, the lowest floor, not the quiet floor.


L: What was your most outrageous activity you’ve done while procrastinating?

M: I would have to say meeting the Jon’s today.

L: Oh… Jon Naval and Jon Rockwood (new friends)!


L: Is it safe to say that you are better at completing work when pressured with time?

M: Oh, absolutely. I can’t do anything well unless it is due in an hour.


L: Word on the street is that you are talented in dance… (well I know that’s true, I’ve seen her dance in my suite before), but what’s your favorite type of dance?

M: Probably contemporary.


L: What is contemporary?

M: Kind of like a mix of ballet and jazz… Ya, I don’t really know, I think hip-hop is somewhere in there. It’s quirky, fun, and a little bit of everything - that’s why I like it.


L: If you could be a celebrity for the day, who would you want to be?

M: Tobin Heath

L: Who is that?

M: She’s on the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team – she is dope.

L: Is she your idol?

M: Yes – definitely.


L: What Taylor Swift song speaks to you most (on a spiritual level)?

M: Probably Speak Now, because I think it would be really cool to break up a wedding; it would be an unforgettable wedding.

Jon Naval: I just hope that it isn’t my wedding (chirps in the background).


L: What’s your go to snack while studying?

M: Basically anything in the vending machines in Duffy. Reeces are my favorite.

L: So, Reeses.

M: Yes, Reeces.


L: If you were trapped on a private island for the rest of your life, who would you want to live with?

M: I would have to say Taylor Shannahan (a previous Stonehill Campus Cutie) because her dual athlete skills might come in handy at one point.


L: Now with your answer the last questions… you ran out of food, now who would eat each other first?

M: Taylor would definitely eat me first – you see how she gets when she gets hungry.


L: If you could be a mythological creature for a day – what would you want to be?

M: A Dragon.

L: Why?

M: I mean, you can kind of fly, kind of not. You can breathe fire – you can just do what you want, you know what I mean?

L: Of course.


L: Do you have any advice for those who are looking to become better procrastinators?

M: Well, right now if you are looking to procrastinate you can definitely perfect your Christmas list, online shopping is unreal right now – so many deals. You can definitely take up a new hobby, start an art project. You can do anything you set your mind to.


L: Is this interview helping you procrastinate?

M: Absolutely, and I loved every second of it.


So, there you have it ladies, hopefully this helped a lot of you get into a procrastinating mood!! Good luck during finals week and enjoy the holidays!!