Campus Celebrity: Kaitlin Brown!

You may know this week’s campus celebrity as Kaitlin, Kait or Brownie, and for those of you who don’t know her, you’re missing out!! A health science major, Spanish minor, starting goalkeeper for Stonehill Women’s Soccer not to mention a two time NE10 Goalkeeper of the Week; Brownie does it all! The team is currently on a 5-game winning streak with an overall record of 11-4. Brownie has been killing it, posting 7 shutouts this season. Way to go Brownie! 


Do you have any pregame rituals? 

Brownie: I braid my hair, I braid Bugsy Nerger’s hair, and I have to wear my blue sports bra.  


What is your game day pump up song?

Brownie: Cotton-Eyed Joe 


Do you have any superstitions for game day?

Brownie: We all line our gloves up and the thumbs of the gloves have to face the same way, my bag has to be next to Emily Rosano’s, and I have to walk out next to Emily. At the end of the warmup I have to jump as high as I can on the 18 and stick the landing, before the game we all high five the defense and I have to high-five Tess Erwin last, and if we win I have to use the same color cones for warm-ups. 


How has it affected your game being coached by former teammate and All-American, Jamie Block?

Brownie: It’s great because I have always looked up to Jamie, and she’s an amazing player, so I love learning from her. 


Favorite memory so far at Stonehill. 

Brownie: Winning an NE10 Championship my freshman year.


What are you plans after graduation?

Brownie: I either want to be an occupational therapist or a nurse. 


What TV show are you currently binge-watching?

Brownie: Currently I’m not binge-watching anything, but I switch off between Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds and The Office. 


What is your favorite thing to get at the Hill?

Brownie: Mozzarella sticks and buffalo chicken. 


How do you pass the time on long bus rides to away games?

Brownie: I sleep, watch the Hunger Games, or have a riff-off. 


Who is your celebrity crush?

Brownie: Noah Centineo from To All the Boys I've Loved Before


Try and make it down to Skyhawk Field for their last home game vs. LIU Post on Saturday, October 27 to cheer on Brownie and the whole team!