Campus Celebrities - The Men's Basketball Team!!

Ladies and gentlemen of the Skyhawk Nation, do I have a treat for you. For anyone that’s been living under a rock, let me fill you in: the men’s basketball team is kicking total butt this year. And I mean really kicking it. In fact, Today, Wednesday March 2nd at 7pm the boys will be playing in the NE-10 semifinals at Bentley (join the fan bus!!!). Amongst all this success, however, Lauren and I were able to get ahold of some of the seniors to ask them the important stuff. So, without further ado, here is everything you never knew you wanted to know about the men’s basketball team. No, no, thank me later.

Do you guys have any nicknames?

Pierce: Mop

Adam: AB

Joshua: Andy

Daniel: I don’t have any

Carter: Chart

Stuart: Stu


What is your spirit animal?

Joshua: A wolf

Daniel: A Cobra

Stuart: A Lorikeet (google it)

Carter: I would have to say I would be a Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel.

Adam: Pierce – when he does his yell

Carter: A sea turtle


If you could pick a favorite game memory – what would it be

Daniel: When Pierce hit that buzzer beater against AIC

Carter: When I hit the go ahead three against SNHU on our Senior Night; I had my friends and family in attendance.

Joshua: Pierce yelling at the sideline on an out of bounds pass

Adam: Beating Adelphi in OT in quarter-finals of NE-10’s

Pierce: Definitely beating SNHU for the first time … on Senior Night

Stuart: Our pre-game talks.


What’s your favorite song to sing in the shower????!?!

Daniel: Love Yourself – Justin Bieber

Pierce: The Whisper Song – Ying Yang Twins

Stuart: Anything Dido

Joshua: High For This – the Weeknd

Carter: Keep Your Eyes Open by Needtobreathe


Do you guys have any secret hobbies ??!?!?

Joshua: Doing stuff around the office

Stuart: I like to watch chick flicks

Daniel: None

Pierce: I can play Beethoven’s 3rd symphony on the Recorder

Carter: I like to read and I’m pretty good at ceramics

Adam: Golfing


If you could marry anyone – dead or alive who would it be?

Pierce: I would be between Marie Curie, Cleopatra and Solan, from Entourage.

Joshua: Catherine Zeta Jones

Stuart: You two…

Adam: Rachel McAdams

Josh: Jennifer Aniston

Carter: Eva Mendes


What’s the best pickup line you ever used?

Daniel: “Hey, do you have a couple of minutes for me to hit on you?"

Adam: I’m lame… I don’t have many pick-up lines.

Stu: “I play football. “

Joshua: “You are invited to the pants party.”

Pierce: “I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal. People know me. I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.”

Carter: “How ya goin mate?”


Can any of you dunk?

Adam: Pierce, Ry, Isiaiah…

Pierce: Yes, a lot of us can… Logan, Walsh, McEwen, Graves, Berroa, Boen, Harrington, Heylinger, Bramanti, Bess… and myself.

Joshua: Pierce, Stan and I can all dunk, and Adam can, on occasion.

Stuart: No


Who has the best dunk?

Stuart: Obviously Carter

Daniel: Pierce

Pierce: Paul Graves’ Windmill is pretty legit

Carter: Pierce by far – he is the greatest!

Adam: But Pierce is the best dunker!




Most well-rounded –

Daniel: Adam

Joshua: Adam

Stuart: Adam

Pierce: Adam Bramanti


Best dancer –

Stuart: Carter

Joshua: Me (doe)

Adam: Stuart or Josh

Pierce: Stuart McEwen

Carter: Adam

Daniel: Stuart


Worst singer –

Stuart: Josh

Daniel: Josh

Joshua: Carter

Pierce: We are all really blessed with the vocal cords of angels.

Carter: Dan

Adam: We all really stink at singing


Best in-game celebration –

Stuart: By far Pierce, and his salute to the “mother-land”!

Pierce: Ryan Roach has been known to get pretty crazy on the sidelines.

Carter: Stu

Daniel: When Jim kissed the St. A’s cheerleader after hit a 3 #crazy #lawsuite

Joshua: Daniel


Smelliest –

Daniel: we all smell like fresh meadows

Pierce: I’m pretty sure we are all known for our superb musk.

Joshua: Stan (or Stu)

Stuart: Josh

Adam: Stuart

Carter: Josh


Best Style –

Pierce: Carter Smith

Carter: Pierce

Stuart: Adam

Joshua: Pierce

Adam: Josh is most “jiggy” or Pierce with his unique and weird outfits.

Daniel: Pierce




Would you rather take a layup and have your shorts drop or take a free throw shot and get hit my a watermelon? (Note: the stands are full!)

Carter: I think I would have to go with the watermelon (as long as I don’t get a concussion!)

Pierce: Definitely the first option. I feel like getting hit by a watermelon would hurt, quite a bit actually.

Joshua: Get hit by a watermelon.



So there you have it, folks, there’s not much more I can say after that! Make sure you root for the boys and wish them the best of luck in there game! This has been another unreal installment of Her Campus Celeb, have a great week skyhawks!


Until next week,


Bailey and Lauren out!