Campus Celeb- Mackenzie Gomes!

Women of Stonehill: Mackenzie Gomes

If you’re looking for a new friend to motivate you to volunteer and get active in the community, then look no further! Mackenzie Gomes is your go-to girl for a good time! Whether she’s enjoying time with friends around campus or hanging out with her closest friends between classes, Mackenzie is always there for you when you need her. Next time you see her around the hill be sure to give a wave! Until then, here’s some more about her. . .

Class Year: 2019: Sophomore

Degree: Biology Major and Spanish Minor

Do you have any cool hobbies/things that you do for fun?: “I do a lot of things for fun. I like to spend my time outdoors if I can- I love to kayak, fish, exercise, and swim! In my free time you will often find me drawing, listening to music, and hanging out with friends! My favorite hobby would have to be laughing. My friends always make me laugh- generally I am being silly- that is, when my nose isn’t in a book!

Who is your favorite music artist?: “ Wow. That’s probably the hardest question I’ve been asked all week- harder than some of the questions on my organic chemistry exam! I like all sorts of music. As of now, my top most played songs include: All my friends by Dermot Kennedy, Electric by Alina Barez, and Body High by Harrison Brome.”

What are you involved in on campus?: My brothers keeper. Into the streets. Peer Mentor Team. Pre Dental Club. Bio Society.

Top three memories at Stonehill:

  1. My Brother’s Keeper: Furniture delivery adventures & being apart of the organization’s “family”
  2. Moving into college for the first time: Once a sem rat, always a sem rat
  3. Orientation: I was able to meet my roommate (shout out Sam Anderson) at orientation. I am lucky enough to be rooming with her again next year- three years strong!
  4. What do you want to be when you grow up (graduate)?: “ My plan following graduation is to apply to dental school. My dream dental school would have to be at Boston University.  My dream job would have to be an Orthodontist!”

There you have it! Mackenzie is one driven gal with big things planned for her future. Whether she’s hanging out with friends for a good laugh or volunteering at MBK, she’s always working hard to achieve her goals. The her campus team wishes only the best to Mackenzie as she works tirelessly towards her dream job!