Campus Celeb - Erik Moberg

Introducing the man, the myth, the mayor of Stonehill, Erik with a K. I know you have all been dying to hear from this crazy good-looking, well dressed, ~mysterious~ man—so here you have it.


Major: Finance

Hometown: Sundsvall, Sweden

Where do you buy your clothes? I do not really have a specific place where I shop, my wardrobe consist of everything from ZARA and H&M to American classics such as Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren. However, I do tend to do most of my shopping in Sweden. I also have to give my mother some credit as she usually picks out clothes for me from Sweden.

Go-to wine? That depends on occasion and weather and wind. However I tend to prefer red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite type.

Celeb crush? That’s a tough one.. But I have to say Leighton Meester she is a goddess.

Favorite type of coffee? Big coffee guy, however I do prefer the European coffee better than the American as it has more soul and push in it. Lately I have been drinking a lot of Espressos, it gives me the necessary edge to get through the weeks.

How did you find Stonehill College? That is quite a long story. I played junior hockey in the states for two years to get more exposure to NCAA schools. Started off my college career in upstate New York at Fredonia. However it was more of a hockey school and I realized that I wanted more challenges academically and decided to transfer. I have many friends from New England so I had heard about Stonehill before, they all had good things to say about the school so I decided to transfer.

Are you aware of your nicknames? Haha, I hope so .. but at the same time you never know.. as we say in Sweden “ a dear child has many names”.. Personally I refer to myself as Erik with a k.

Favorite American meal/food? Definitely Buffalo Chicken wings. Just as the ancient Greeks I believe that modesty is a virtue so I try not to indulge too much in it.

Who is your favorite house mate and why? That is a very tough question, we have quite an interesting group of characters at Georgetown…. However, if I have to mention one specific house mate I go with Liam “the lady’s man” Fitzpatrick.. Just one of those crazy mainers.. Honorable mention goes to MC Going and “Mad” Zack Matthews, just two overall interesting characters.

We notice that you keep a low profile, where is your favorite place to hang out? Yeah I prefer staying in the “shadows”.. “Esse non videre” as they say in Latin. Anyway, during the weeks I spend a lot of time at Stanger in front of the Bloomberg terminals working through financial models. Besides that I do enjoy hanging out by the pond indulging in some literature if I have time over. Another favorite place for the whole Georgetown crew is the 99’s where we like to enjoy a meal and a couple of conversations.

What do you miss most about Sweden? My family definitely and our summer place. Besides that I have been in the states for a long time so it is quite hard to say. However, I do miss the old architecture that has that historic vibe.

Would you rather have Cheeto fingers for the rest of your life or have a popcorn kernel stuck in the back of the throat forever? I have to go with the popcorn here, I think I could endure the coughing, I just could not stand having greasy fingers…