Best Drunk Foods Near Stonehill

  1. Slice of Greek. If you are hungry after a court's party at 2 am on a Saturday night, SLice of Greek is definitely the way to go. The Hill is already closed and a pizza (pickle pizza if you’re like me) is exactly what you need to cure the drunk cravings. Getting it delivered so you don’t even have to leave your room is perfect for drunk food and sweatpants
  2.  Wendy’s. Nice and close to Stonehill, Wendy’s is the perfect place to have your Uber or DD stop for a nice drunk snack (or 4-course meal). A 4 for 4 is the best cheap way to get all the different foods you need after a night out, whether it be ice cream, fries, a burger, or all three.
  3. The Hill. There’s nothing like running a full sprint to the hill at 12:55 to make sure you get your mac & cheese bites before it closes. You never know who you are going to see, and seeing Kim is always the best way to end your night. The drunk students of Stonehill all in the Hill is always an adventure. Although it may take a big hit to your meal plan, it’s always a great time fucking around in the Hill.
  4. McDonald’s and Taco Bell. When everyone’s fighting over where to go but you’re all hungry, Taco Bell and McDonald’s being in the same parking lot is the best to satisfy everyone. One of your friends can get their fries and chicken nuggets while the other can get their Doritos Locos tacos.
  5. Town Spa. Open until midnight, Town spa is great for a weekday night you and your friends decided to go out. Wicked good pizza that’s the perfect size and honey mustard with fries is just what you need before having to wake up for class the next morning. Even on the weekends, it’s a great place for you and your friends to eat dinner together without having to spend a lot of money.