April Showers Bring May Tears

April Showers Bring May Tears


April is coming to and end and unfortunately the school year is also coming to a close. Since the weather is getting warmer, I find myself wanted to be outside as much as I can. My heart is happy that the volleyball courts are filled and that the quad is littered with happy collegiates soaking up the sun. With that being said April also seems to be when our teachers decide to lay on the heavy workload for the semester. When the sun goes down, so does my mood; I realize that I have to focus on what needs to be done in order to stay on top of my classwork. Personally, my nights lately have ended with me crying because I am so stressed!!! Whether it be studying for back to back exams, writing my final lab reports, putting together my final presentations or reading several books for my literature class that I have put off for the whole semester! SO MUCH FUN!

Since I don’t want all of you ladies to be stressed, here are a couple of distressing tips to help you through these last couple of weeks:

* Go for a jog around campus; Stonehill has such a beautiful campus, why not enjoy it while you can!

* Paint your nails a nice spring color – I recommend High Class Affair by Essie (:

* Look up funny cat videos!

* Take a deeeeeep breath

* Eat a healthy snack for brain power, maybe an apple and peanut butter!

* Turn your phone off

* Put on some trusty Jack Johnson to help you relax