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Within the past few months, especially since COVID has hit, I’ve been thinking a lot about my sense of fashion and changing my style up a little bit. I have a thrift store right down the street from my house and I thought that going to see what they had was the best place to start in order to accumulate the style of clothing that I was looking for.

Now, I shop almost exclusively at this thrift store, I’m totally addicted! They have the best jeans, and I live for the shirts that I find (usually from the men’s section too!). I have acquired multiple hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, dresses, and some of my now favorite pairs of jeans and every time I go back, I find more great things to add to my closet. I like going into the store because it’s always a new experience, and you never know what you’re going to find among all those racks!

Not only is thrift shopping exciting and a good way to find unique clothing, it is also great for your wallet. The prices are so reasonable, and much cheaper than if you were to go to any department store or boutique. It’s always a win for me when I find a shirt that I like, look at the tag and discover it’s only three dollars! Of course, you always have to be careful when purchasing something from a thrift store, as it’s possible that it might have holes or stains, so you definitely want to make sure you’re checking over the pieces carefully before purchasing them.

Another positive thing about thrifting is that it’s way more sustainable for the environment than it is to shop at other stores. By buying clothes from thrift stores, you’re reusing and recycling the clothes, instead of someone just throwing them out or you going out to buy brand new clothes somewhere else. So not only can you find fashionable things, but you can also help the environment and look good at the same time!

Before I started thrifting, I had a good wardrobe, but I never thought much about my style or thinking about if my look really represented me and who I am. Once I started though, I found out a lot about myself, and realized that I was much more into fashion than I had always believed. Now I adore going out because it means I get to show off my cute outfits! My confidence since changing my style up has also sky rocketed, and it’s because I am finally expressing my true self through the clothes that I wear, and it is this thrift shop five minutes from my house that has allowed me to feel so much better about myself.

If you too are looking for a fresh new style, want to help the environment, or simply want to try something new, go check out your local thrift shops! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the great things you’re going to find!

Emma Cianciulli

Stonehill '22

Emma is a senior at Stonehill College, where she is majoring in English. When she isn't at school, Emma enjoys thrift shopping, reading a good book, spending time with her horse, and hanging out with friends. She lives in New Hampshire with her mom and two cats. Her dream job is to be an editor for a fashion magazine.
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