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8 Things to Add to your Christmas List this Season

         What comes to mind when thinking of Christmas time? Jingle bells? Christmas Carols? Sledding? Snow? Gifts? Well, since Christmas season is fast approaching and assuming that as a college student you probably have no time to craft a list of gift options to give to your friends and family, we have done it for you! Here are eight things every college student NEEDS.


1. Fuzzy blanket

You probably already own a thousand fuzzy blankets but you can never have enough of them. Plus, it’s going to cold and being under five of your favorite blankets watching Riverdale is a WIN.


2. Fitbit

    Walking to class. Walking to dorm. Walking to get food. Walking to the library. It’s safe to say that a lot of walking happens on campus. It’ll be comforting seeing all those steps after eating a big meal at the dining commons.


3. Snacks in bulk

This is kind of an obvious one but college students are always looking for free food.


4. Portable charger

    As a college student you are always out and about and there isn’t always an outlet near you. We all know that painful moment when your phone is at 5%. Let’s not let that happen again.


5. Fast food giftcards

    The dining commons are great but sometimes we just need something a little different and a Mcdonalds run is needed once in a while.


6. Bluetooth speaker

    If you don’t have one already this is an essential for college dorm living if you haven’t already figured it out. Music makes an awkward situation a party and just being able to jam is always a priority.


7. Sweatpants

    Like the fuzzy blanket you probably already have plenty of pairs but sweatpants are a must when doing homework late at night or going for a quick Dunkins run.


8. Money!

    College students are broke. Enough said.


Maya Graham

Stonehill '22

Maya is currently a senior at Stonehill College. She is majoring in psychology and minoring in educational studies. She hopes to work with kids after graduating as a child psychologist. While she loves to write, she also loves to play volleyball. When she's on campus she enjoys being with her friends and when she goes home she enjoys being with her dogs, Shiloh and Millie.
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