7 Things To Do On This Warm Weekend

I don’t know if you all are aware of the weather outside, but it is about 62 degrees out and I simply cannot stay inside. This warm weather is A GIFT!! IT IS FEBRUARY and I am wearing my Birks (without socks) around campus and I could not be happier. SO PLEASE GET OUTSIDE AND DO SOMETHING like…


  1. Hop in your car, roll the windows down and take an adventure to Cape Cod – find a beach or a coffee shop and sit outside
  2. Do your homework outside your house or the library
  3. Grab a pair of running shoes and head to Borderland State Park (or any hiking area) and walk around for a bit.
  4. Play some spike ball, or Frisbee, or baseball out on the Quad; might as well get some cardio done!
  5. Head to the women’s lacrosse scrimmage on Saturday (@1:30) and support your girls!
  6. Just lay in the grass and watch the clouds!!
  7. Grab a yoga mat and mediate outside with some friends


So pretty please, do me a favor and once you are done with classes today, get outside and stay outside!! Savor it before the next snow storm! And and hopefully I’ll see you at the lacrosse scrimmage (;


xo L