5 Things We Love In Our #HCSurvivalKits !!

It's safe to say the free goodies we get in our Fall Survival Kits are essential to making it through this semester. Here are our top 5 favs that you NEED to try. 

1. CamelBak - This to go cup is everything you need for the chilly days coming up. This container is totally sealed and can be kept in your backpack without spilling anywhere!! Definitly an essential for when you need to keep your hands in your pockets and your coffee in class. 

2. Rimmel London - This mascara can really turn any night around, with flawless lashes you are unstoppable. 

3. Freeman Beauty - Let me tell you, one of these masks and your face will be as soft as a babies bottom. 

4. L'eggs - It's that time of year ladies, our legs are pale and it is getting chilly, these tights are what you need to complete that interview outfit. 

5. Diva Cup - I know it may seem gross, but think about all the money you'll save and how better the environment will be!!!!


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